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Ultimate Mass Gainer (12 LBS)

Ultimate Mass Gainer (12 LBS)




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Having a tough time adding size? Want to break through your strength plateaus? For some people with faster metabolisms, it can be difficult to get the extra calories you need to gain the mass you want. Ultimate Mass Gainer is an advanced muscle mass gainer designed to give you all the protein, calories, BCAAs, vitamins and minerals to help you build strength, gain mass and amplify your muscular gains. Ultimate Mass Gainer helps support nitrogen retention and improves cellular energy. Micro-filtered whey proteins are manufactured in a flow-volume blending process that assures maximum nutrient delivery to muscles and absorption of the protein amino acid profile.

Promote gain muscle and size with ultimate unique combination of fast-acting



  • Gifted Nutrition Ultimate Mass Gainer Reviews

    Gifted Nutrition Ultimate Mass Gainer 12 LBS

  • Promote lean muscle mass and strength
  • 7 protein sources
  • Enhances muscle recovery time
  • Unique combination of fast-acting
  • 50g protein per serving, over 10G naturally occurring BCAA's per serving, over 1200 Calories per servings

The Ingredients

While Gifted Nutrition Ultimate Mass Gainer isn’t available for purchase yet, I was able to find out what we can expect to be in this up-and-coming supplement.

Each serving will pack 1,240 calories, 250 g of carbohydrates, and provide 50 g of protein. The protein sources in Gifted Nutrition Ultimate Mass Gainer will be a protein matrix of whey concentratewhey isolatewhey hydrolysateegg albumenmilk protein concentratemicellar casein, and calcium caseinate.

That seems to be the standard amount of protein in a mass gainer; however, the total amount is made up from several different protein sources –a little bit of everything. Ultimately, I’m not too sure how much of each protein source makes up the 50 g.

How Should Gifted Nutrition Ultimate Mass Gainer Be Used?

As a mass gainer, Ultimate Mass Gainer should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. One serving appears to be 1 heaping scoop, so we recommend mixing one scoop in about 12-14 oz. of water.


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    By ZACKWAN June 21, 2017

    I used this mass gainer and my body gains 10Kg in one month
    their taste also good and delicious..


    By Nazirul Izzuan July 04, 2016

    hi semua, bagi yang mencari weight gainer yang sedap dan senang nak jadi beso, aq sangatlah rekomen weight gainer ni. mesti laju naik. senang larut setakat aq minum.

  3. Promote gain muscle and size with ultimate unique combination of fast-acting

    By randy lee July 04, 2016

    Promote lean muscle mass and strength and 7 protein sources

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