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The REAL ALL IN ONE MUSCLE gainer Elite Labs 20 LBS Mass MUSCLE Gainer 35 SERVINGS! -this is the best VALUE, highest QUALITY, and BIGGEST weight gainer in the world! 


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Mass Gainer in the World!

When's the last time you thought to yourself, "I'd like to bust my @SS in the gym, struggle to eat enough food, and NOT gain a single pound of muscle?"

That would be never, right? Of course! And that's exactly why if you're a hardgainer struggling to eat enough calories and build the insane size you want, you need to get on Mass Muscle Gainer™ today.

Pound-for-pound...and there are 20 BIG ONES inside...Mass Muscle Gainer™ is the best VALUE, highest QUALITY, and BIGGEST Weight Gainer in the World. Every serving is packed with 1,000 + mass building calories, 60 grams of premium time-released protein, over 44 grams of amino acids, over 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate and BCAAs, over 27 grams of Glycine, Platinum CarboClean™ carbohydrates, and so much more!


Build Muscle Around the Clock.

Imagine knowing that every second, every minute, and every hour, your body is growing bigger and Bigger and BIGGER.

To get BIG, your muscles need protein around the clock. That's why Mass Muscle Gainer™ supplies 60 massive grams of Platinum Pro Time Released Protein™. Ultra-pure, premium grade proteins such as Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Micellar Casein, and Milk Protein Isolate. It's the perfect combination of fast, intermediate, and slow releasing proteins to encourage rapid muscle growth for up to 8 rock-solid hours.


Get BIG - Not Fat.

Anyone who's bulking up would give just about anything to stay lean, wouldn't you agree?

Your choice in carbohydrates and fats will either make or break your physique. That's why Mass Muscle Gainer™ utilizes Platinum CarboClean™...the cleanest, highest quality, time-released carbohydrates to increase & sustain energy, rapidly refuel muscles, promote faster growth, and discourage fat gain by strategically augmenting the anabolic insulin response.

PLUS - every serving is loaded with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) - the BEST and healthiest fats for promoting the shreds and fighting the bulge.


This has NEVER Been Done Before

Did you know higher amounts of L-Glycine can naturally increases your body's most powerful mass building and fat shredding hormone?

That's right. We're talking about Human Growth Hormone. Every serving of Mass Muscle Gainer™ delivers over 27 grams of pure L-Glycine.

That's more than 4x the amount scientifically proven to send HGH levels through the roof!

Why so much? Because the extra Glycine may also help improve nutrient absorption and prevent muscle protein breakdown, too.





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  1. Naik 10kg dalam masa seminggu !

    By shafiq rahim June 14, 2017

    memang puas hati la pakai mass gainer ni. seminggu je naik 10kg makan korang jangan tanya macam orang kena rasuk setan. terbaikkk mass gainer ni. beli 20lbs lagi jimat :)

  2. feedback

    By akmal July 04, 2016

    sy beli utk my brother,, body kering mcm jerangkung hahaha...
    now sedap lah sikit mata memandang huhuhu
    tak perlu calorie tinggi2 sgt pun dah boleh nampak kesan pakai mass muscle gainer nih... bro nnt kalau dah ada stock pls post fb ea area kl,,, adik nk continue order lg katanya... huhuhu selamat hari raya

  3. nice mass gainer

    By din July 04, 2016

    perggghhh!!! this product make me bigger than before !!!!

  4. this is the best VALUE, highest QUALITY, and BIGGEST weight gainer in the world!

    By randy lee July 04, 2016

    cepat betul berat naik pakai ni. rasa pun sedap. memang best

  5. this is the best VALUE, highest QUALITY, and BIGGEST weight gainer in the world!

    By randy lee July 04, 2016

    cepat betul berat naik pakai ni. rasa pun sedap. memang best

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