Amino Tone 350G


Amino Tone 350G


  • 2:1:1 Instantized BCAA’s*
  • Endurance*
  • Recovery*
  • Hydration*
  • 5g BCAA Per Scoop*
  • Fat Loss Support*
  • Intra Workout*
  • 30 / 90 Scoops
  • 50/50 Tea
  • America
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Mango Pineapple
  • Sour Apple
  • Unicorn Juice


Absorption with AstraGin™
How AstraGin works in the Human Body

AstraGin supports mRNA and transporter protein expression levels of the nutrient transporters that help regulate the absorption of amino acids, glucose, glucosamine and vitamins in human intestinal cells.*

If you haven’t already noticed we use AstraGin in almost all of our products. While it enhances every product that it is in, AstraGin pairs perfectly with Amino-Tone® because its primary function is to help support the absorption of amino acids, an increase of up to 66.7%.*

Highlighted Ingredients
Instantized BCAA’s
There are three Branched Chain Amino Acids: Leucine, Iso-Leucine & Valine. These BCAA’s support muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown during exercise and improve exercise performance. Instantized means that it mixes and absorbs with ease. *

This organic acid has many fundamental biological roles such as supporting the conjugation of bile acids, anti-oxidation, osmoregulation (fluid regulation), and membrane stabilization. It is essential for cardiovascular function and development and function of skeletal muscle, supports the retina and the central nervous system. *

Hydration Complex
Potassium Chloride, Sodium Citrate & Magnesium Citrate are all common electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge and also affect the amount of water in your body. When you sweat you lose electrolytes and must replace them or risk dehydration. *

An amino acid used by the body as an energy source; this makes it useful for people who are attempting to reduce body fat levels. Alanine has also been shown to be important for the regulation of healthy insulin levels already within a normal range. *

STIM FREE Fat Loss Support Complex
Raspberry Ketones, Choline Bitarttrate, Coleus Forskohlii and Inositol all support metabolism, cAMP, help to break up fatty acids and mobilize energy stores; all WITHOUT the use of stimulants or their side effects making them very versatile. *

HICA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid or Leucic Acid), a new supplement technology that significantly increases lean body mass, prevents overtraining and helps to reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). The metabolites of leucine decrease the breakdown of proteins, particulary muscle proteins.*

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50/50 Tea, America, Blue Raspberry, Mango Pineapple, Sour Apple, Unicorn Juice


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