Protein Powder Hard Facts & Review: Top 3 Brands 2019

Is Protein Supplement for Everyone?

What protein supplement actually is? Protein belongs to macronutrient group and it’s important for a person to take protein in their daily food consumption. You might already know that protein could be obtained from nuts, meat, and eggs. Do you know that every single person has their very own, tailored protein intake per day? This is depending on their body weight and sex. In fact, the heavier you are, the more protein you will be needing to consume every day. Moreover, bodybuilders and active people require more protein than sedentary people. However, do you realize that protein obtained from regular daily meals won’t be enough? Hence, protein supplement is needed.

Can Protein Supplement Help in Weight Loss?

Yes! Information has falsely interpreted that protein supplement is for those bodybuilders, who want to build an insanely high mass of muscles only. However, scientists have proved that protein supplement also helps with weight loss. This is because of the protein’s ability to act as a medium of reducing hunger and hiking up the metabolism. This combination makes the works easier for those who want to lose fat and get fitter.

Can Protein Supplement Heko in Gaining Muscle?

Does protein supplement help a lot in gaining muscles? Yes, and it is undeniably true! However, hard work comes in before you can gain that fit, toned and masculine. That look that has been everyone’s goals. Do you know how protein can help in building muscles? It’s the amino acid! It takes the responsibility to repair the damaged muscle fibers due to the intense weightlifting sessions. Not just that, athletes also need to take protein supplement in order to achieve the maximum potential of themselves.

Take Protein Supplement After Workout for Maximum Result?

This question has been the hardest question on this topic. However, there’s “anabolic window” which is between the 15th minute and 60th minute after an exercise. This includes post running, post swimming and post weightlifting. This anabolic window is believed to be the best time for getting the most protein absorbed in a human body system. The amino acids in protein will be transported to the muscles more efficiently for muscle restoration. If you’re a busy man, you can always consume protein supplement at other times, ie, during breakfast and lunch. Nonetheless, protein consumption is varied for every single person and type of protein supplement used.

Protein Supplement? Which One is The Best?

Gold Standard 100% Whey

24 years in the market is already a long time for a product to be in an industry. Gold Standard 100% Whey has been the most famous protein supplement among the people around the world. The product consists of 24grams of Protein, high in BCAAs, 5.5grams. Plus, it has several flavors such as rocky road and chocolate.

Pro JYM - JYM Supplement Science

Founded by a well-known man in the world of physiology and biochemistry, Jim Stoppani, a Ph.D. holder has made JYM Supplement Science a trusted brand. This is supported by his lean body. Pro JYM is produced from the mixture of egg proteins, whey and casein and these combinations provide fast and long-term amino acid availability for muscle growth enhancement. Pro JYM will trigger your test buds with banana cream pie, red velvet, and gingerbread cookie.

Metabolix Whey Protein

Muscle Metabolix is actually quite a newcomer in bodybuilding scene. A brand from USA, developed after so many years of research to find the best supplements and the most potent formulation for maximum result. It provides the highest amount of protein, 27 grams. In addition, it contains 5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs. Most importantly, the protein is very low in fat and sugar and proteolytic enzymes have been one of the best content in this Metabolix Whey Protein. It comes with 2 tasty flavors, chocolate, and cookies cream. These 2 flavors will make your protein shake taste better.