Protein is a great sports supplement. It can be obtained in various forms such as powders and bars. Whey protein is the most common type of protein that has been used by athletes and healthy people all around the world. Whey protein is basically a by-product of making cheese. It is divided into several types alike concentrated whey protein and isolated whey protein.


Derivation of milk may produce whey and casein. A processed dairy product such as cheese could leave a portion of remaining liquid which is called whey, fast-digesting protein. Dairy products are actually made of 20% whey and the remaining 80% is casein. What is casein? Casein is a slow-digesting protein. Both whey and casein are excellent protein as they contain all the body’s essential amino acids. However, whey is believed to be more advantageous as it can boost muscle repair and thus, build more muscle than the casein can. There are two prominent forms of whey protein available in the market, concentrated whey protein, and isolated whey protein. The obvious difference between these two kinds of whey protein is the way of the processing techniques.


Concentrated whey protein needs to undergo a lesser complex process compared to isolated whey protein. This lesser complex process resulted in lower protein content in the concentrated whey protein, 18 grams. Concentrated whey protein also contains a higher amount of carbohydrates, 3.5 grams. In addition, the fat content in concentrated whey protein is significantly higher than the isolated whey protein, 1.5 grams and you can get 2.5 grams more lactose in concentrated whey protein compared to its opponent. There is only one competition that concentrated whey protein could win, the price. The price is lower and probably could be the more affordable whey protein amongst the two.


Isolated whey protein is the apparent winner for this fixture. The protein content is high, 23 grams per 100-calorie serving. Carbohydrates are 2.5 grams lower than the concentrated whey protein. 0 gram of fat might make isolated whey protein the chosen kind of whey protein for most people. As for the impressive amount of protein, carbs and fats that can be obtained from the protein, is the price worth it? The different nutritional differences make the price of these two types of whey protein different, isolated whey protein and concentrated whey protein. The more complex process contributed to the higher price of the isolated whey protein, too.

Above all, both kinds of whey protein are beneficial to the human body. Concentrated and isolated whey protein can help to improve the lean muscle mass. The minor differences in the nutritional content won’t make a huge difference in the end result. Nevertheless, the amount of protein taken needs to be calculated precisely to prevent side effects. Since both types of protein contain excellent proteins, it is believed that concentrated whey protein and isolated whey protein both might produce the same outcomes when taken with proper amount.

In conclusion, whey protein is a fast-digesting protein that exists in several forms such as concentrated whey protein and isolated whey protein. Both two are the most popular kind of whey protein available in the market worldwide. The differences between this two whey protein are results of the processing methods. The isolated whey protein contains slightly more protein than the concentrated whey protein without carrying the extra carbohydrates, fats, lactose and it makes the price higher. Researchers have proved that whey protein left good side effects on active individuals. Anyhow, consuming whey protein can fill the daily protein gap of a human body.