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Artfully flavored by the World’s most renowned flavoring experts, MyoBlend™ is the most delicious 8-hour protein blend on the market toda



Blended Builds Better!

To build muscle all day, you need a protein that can stay with you all day.

Like MyoBlend™. MyoBlend™ contains the perfect mix of fast, medium, and slow digesting proteins. And unlike using whey protein alone, which can leave your muscles high and dry after 2-3 hours, MyoBlend™ will stay with you all day. For up to 8 hours, in fact!

Plus, each serving is packed with 6.2 grams of BCAAs and a combined 3.5 grams of L-Glutamine and Glutamine precursors to help improve your performance AND recovery.


MyoBlend can be used in the morning, post-workout, between meals and before bed.

The beauty of MyoBlen™ is you can use it whenever you need it. For that quick hit of muscle building aminos you need in the morning and after your workouts, MyoBlend™ contains ultra-pure whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate.

Milk protein concentrate and isolate are included too, which help promote muscle growth longer during your day. And our long-lasting, premium micellar casein protein makes MyoBlend™ a great protein touse at night, or anytime you’re on-the-go.


Unbelievably AWESOME Taste!

Tastes so good you won’t believe it’s protein!

We're sure you've tasted some great proteins, but MyoBlend™ is on a whole other level! Its flavor and consistency you will not expect, giving your favorite sweet treats and summertime milkshakes a run for their money. And you’ll be happy to know we’ve done it without using any nasty corn syrup solids, aspartame, or added carbs and fats.


Digests SUPER Easy!

MyoBlend™ contains a powerful digestive enzyme to help improve protein digestion.

Protein shakes can sometimes wreak havoc on your digestive system. But not MyoBlend™. With MyoBlend™, you get 25 mg of Elite Zyme™ Protease in every scoop. This simple addition will help your body properly digest the protein you consume and support improved nitrogen balance. No gas. No bloating. And no stomach discomfort.

Absolutely ZERO Banned Substances

Every bottle of MyoBlend™ is manufactured in a cGMP, NSF certified, and FDA approved facility.

When you choose MyoBlend™, you’re not just choosing the best tasting, highest quality protein. You’re choosing a protein you can trust; one that is manufactured under the safest manufacturing conditions and guaranteed free from all banned and adulterated substances.





MyoBlend FAQ

  • Q: What’s the difference between whey protein, milk protein, and micellar casein protein?
    A: What you’re receiving with 100% IsoBlend is a higher percentage of protein in every scoop. Whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate are considered “fast acting” proteins. These proteins absorb quickly, feed your muscles fast, and are ideal for post-workout use.

    Milk proteins, on the other hand, contain both fast-acting whey and slow-digesting casein, which can help sustain protein synthesis longer than whey.

    And micellar casein is a slow digesting protein. It digest so slowly that it can take up to 8 hours to fully digest and absorb. The big benefit here is you get a protein that continuously delivers amino acids to your muscles long after whey protein has left your system.

  • Q: Why should I use a protein blend with both fast and slow releasing proteins?
    A: A protein that combines both fast and slow digesting proteins can help support muscle growth longer than whey protein alone.

    While whey protein absorbs incredibly fast, it is quickly excreted from your body too. And this can leave your muscles unprotected and without the protein they need to build.

    By mixing milk protein and micellar casein with whey, you get a protein that can help build and protect your muscles around the clock.

  • Q: How do you get MyoBlend™ to taste so good?
    A: The answer is simple. We never lost sight of what’s most important. And that’s your health. Upping the sugars, the fats, the corn syrup solids and aspartame is a quick and easy way to make anything taste delicious. But when your goal is live a healthier lifestyle, do you really want to consume that stuff?

    We don’t either. And so we worked, side by side, with the World’s BEST flavoring experts to create 6 incredible flavors...the likes of which nobody has ever tasted before. No added sugars. No added fats. No corn syrup solids and no aspartame.

  • Q: Is using a blend of fast and slow releasing proteins better than relying on a single source, such as whey protein alone? A: Yes. Fast acting proteins, such as whey isolates and hydrolysates, absorb rapidly and feed your muscles fast. Unfortunately, they are quickly excreted from the body, too. Slower releasing proteins, such as milk and egg isolates, don’t digest and absorb nearly as fast. Rather, they supply a steady stream of aminos to your muscles for many hours longer compared to whey. And this is ideal when seeking to establish the perfect, around-the-clock muscle building environment.

    By combining the two, you get the best of both Worlds. Fast acting proteins for rapid muscle repair, and slow releasing proteins to keep muscle growth going strong for hours after the whey has left your system.

  • Q: When should I take MyoBlend™? A: Because MyoBlend™ contains a blend of fast and slow releasing proteins, it is ideal to use any time you need it.

    You can use MyoBlend™ before you train so your muscles have the aminos they need to help protect against training-induced protein breakdown. You can use MyoBlend™ in your post-workout shake to feed your muscles now, and for us to 8 hours after your workout.

    And you can use it before bed, or anytime when you may be without protein for an extended period of time. For example, if you’re in college and have multiple classes back-to-back, or if you’re working and can’t eat every 2-3 hours, a scoop of MyoBlend™ can help you remain in a positive nitrogen balance.

  • Q: Is MyoBlend™ Gluten free?

    A: Yes it is. All flavors of MyoBlend are guaranteed free of gluten.

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  1. delicious protein

    By epul July 04, 2016

    rasa sedap bole bg 10/10 especially cookies cream..choco 8/10
    bdn bole rse perubahan dlm selepas guna produk ini.
    powder halus senang hancur n bancuh
    overall good produk thumbs up

  2. real protein

    By john July 04, 2016

    this is a real protein.. ada BCAA, glutamine dan semua jenis amino acid.. dah 2 tahun consume so far result memang cun la bro..

  3. For Building Muscle.Unique Enzyme Blend To Allow For More Absorption

    By randy lee July 04, 2016

    rasa memang sedap dan whey ni bancuh pun tak pekat macam whey lain ,dan nampak perbezaan cepat

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