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Testalensis 100  (75 CAPS)

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Testalensis 100 (75 CAPS)

By APS Nutrition

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 World's Strongest Natural Test/GH Optimizer, & Anti-Estrogen!


Introducing Testalensis 100 by APS Nutrition - the first product on the market to use standardized Bulbine Natalensis. No other company could do this!

We have a standardized 100:1 extract ratio bulbine natalensis ( 50% steroidal saponins,10% sterols and 2.5% sterolins) that is greatly superior to what's currently used - 1:1 extract NON-STANDARDIZED bulbine. The standardized version is much better, and OUR BULBINE IS 100X STRONGER then the non standardized version. We also preserved the complete range of organic chemicals such as alkaloids, fatty acids, terpenes and tannins. This new product is the new king of bulbine extracts! Testalensis 100 will build muscle fast and reduce estrogen making any other bulbine product obsolete!

Here is the basic formula, it's so complete, it will never be equaled....

Standardized bulbine natalensis - The most effective natural LH/FSH PRODUCER BY FAR. Overwhelms your system with the first step in high testosterone output leutinizing hormone.

Fadogia agrestis - The perfect second step to bulbine: sensitizing the leydig cells in the testes so that they work with all this new LH in your system and swelling to produce huge amounts of readily available testosterone! So we just manufactured never before seen amounts of testosterone naturally...it's over right? NO WAY!!

Urtica dioca - So we have insane amounts of new total testosterone, here's stage 3: being sure SHBG doesn't bind to and ruin all this new testosterone. You see, it's free unbound testosterone that really promotes muscle growth and charges up your libido. So we're using the absolute best free test liberator nature has to offer with the end result being that most of the testosterone stays free and unbound so we can get the muscle growth we want.

Macuna pruriens (l-dopa) - A great test booster by itself but one of the great things about this ingredient is the fact that it produces alot of GROWTH HORMONE. I can't think of anything that goes better with test! With macuna pruriens we get amazing amounts of GH for increased gains, increased fat loss and a tremendous sense of well being!

Zinc aspartate - This is needed to manufacture testosterone and it's also excellent for the immune system.

Vitamin D3 - High levels of vitamin D means high testosterone levels. New research has shown that increased amounts of vitamin D (greater than 30 mug/l) were associated with significantly higher amounts of testosterone. This makes Vitamin D3 a critical component to achieving naturally high testosterone levels.

One fact about Bulbine is that mostly all bulbine that's harvested is almost completely ineffective. So we devised a special method of preserving everything through the extraction process. As it turns out, ALL of the usual modern extraction techniques remove almost all of the sterols and sterolins from the plant - to improve shelf life! Our special extraction method avoids this and is what separates us from the rest. That's why Testalensis 100 is the best!

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